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600+hp Datsun dyno session

series of dyno pulls, with a best of 607 hp This was the first dyno session where my car exceeded 600hp to the wheels. The runs were performed at Motor City Motorsports in Riverview, MI on a Dynojet 248C (yes it was calibrated properly). The backfires at the end of some of the pulls were just from the rev limiter's 8000rpm fuel cut - this introduces unburned oxygen into the exhaust and burns any previously unburned fuel from the rich mixture prior to hitting the fuel cut. The engine is a stroked Nissan L-series, 3.0 litres with Diamond custom forged pistons and Cunningham rods. the head is an N42 with a fair amount of port and combustion chamber work,- ceramic coatings on the pistons, chambers and ports. Also has a custom cam grind from Elgin. The turbo is a GT42R with a 1.15AR hot side and a 4" exhaust that exits through twin 3" oval pipes on either side in fron of the rear wheels. Fuel injection is a Electromotive TEC3r, and I did all of the tuning myself. There's a lot more, but that should give an idea as to what's in the car. no nitrous no water or meth injection 94 octane Sunoco pump gas I've posted some additional details here:

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