Video - 5x Audi TTS's (Drive-By's + Walkarounds)

Videa Nissan Figaro 5x Audi TTS's (Drive-By's + Walkarounds)

5x Audi TTS's (Drive-By's + Walkarounds)

YES. 5 Audi TTS's in One Video. I Have recorded so many of these that i thought i might as well put it all into one video. Some of these you might see in another video one day but for now, Here they Are. The First TTS was in a Great Shade of white and i found it coming down Bootham in York. The Second TTS was painted in Black and was coming down Tadcaster Road (I Recorded that with my Vivitar Camcorder, not my Fujifilm like the other cars). The 3rd TTS was parked up in Cliffords Tower car park behind a little Nissan Figaro. The 4th TTS, a Convertible, was driving towards Clifford's Tower going passed the Hilton Hotel. Finally, the 5th TTS, painted in red, was parked at the Royal York Hotel which i did a little walkaround of. Expect the walkaround soon. Anyway I Hope you enjoy This video, there a lot more where that came from. Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Thanks to MrRod787 (GTRJacko's "Elite" Partner of 2011) for the Music

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