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rebuilt datsun 280zx. engine rebuild info: - N42 rebuilt and reconditioned head - N42 L28 block - bored out 40thou to suit the pistons below (the car is a S2 and came with the F54 block from the factory, but the N42 block is said to have a higher nickel content and have a greater overall strength, plus i wasn't going to turbo the car so the F54 wasn't essential for this build) - hypatech high performance 40thou over pistons (balanced) - chrome rings - standard L28 conrods (balanced) - standard L28 crank (lightened + balanced) - Patrol flywheel plus heavy duty clutch (lightened and balanced) - CAI with redline pod and heavily modified plenum - 6-3-1 extractors to 2.5 inch exhaust (with hotdog) - engine bay re-wired - every other part on or around the engine is new (timing equipment, oil pump, pullys etc etc) plus much more .. for more info send me a msg and ill send you pics plus lots more info.. i loved this car!!




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