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2013 Nissan Pathfinder

With gas prices rising, this might not look like the best time for Nissan to be introducing a redesigned Pathfinder SUV. National average gas prices increased 5.1 percent or 17 cents a gallon in July, according to AAA, and are at $3.95 in Michigan today. But Nissan said its redesigned Pathfinder will get the best fuel economy in its segment and will start at a competitive price at just over $28000. For the new Pathfinder, Nissan ditched its truck platform that underpinned the first three generations of the SUV for a lighter and more fuel-efficient unibody chassis. Nissan said it cut the weight of the Pathfinder by 500 pounds by switching away from the traditional body-on-frame platform, adopting a more aerodynamic and by using high-strength steel. It also developed a new 3.5-liter, V6 engine with a continuously variable transmission and all-wheel drive. The 2013 Pathfinder, which will go on sale this fall, will get 20 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway -- a performance that Nissan said is the best fuel efficiency of any seven-passenger SUV with a V6 engine. "This vehicle has 30% better fuel economy than its predecessor and it is class leading in its segment, and the segment is big and people need this kind of car," said Carla Bailo, senior vice president of research and development for Nissan. The current Pathfinder gets 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. First introduced in the 1986, the Pathfinder has been a staple for Nissan's lineup in North ...



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