Video - 2012 Nissan Titan Walkthrough Grande Prairie,AB stk#12TTN0595

Videa Nissan Praire 2012 Nissan Titan Walkthrough Grande Prairie,AB stk#12TTN0595

2012 Nissan Titan Walkthrough Grande Prairie,AB stk#12TTN0595

The Titan in Nissan's full-size pickup that was first unveiled at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and went on sale as a 2004 model. Conceived, developed and engineered primarily in North America, the Titan is produced at Nissan's new facility in Canton, Mississippi. The all-new Nissan Titan is one of only two full-size import trucks on the market. Up front, the seats are comfortable and the roomy cabin has plenty of storage. The ride is comfortable, and there's plenty of power on tap. Full throttle sets you back in the seat and belts out the sound of a muscle car. The cargo space uses Nissan's innovative track system, making it possible to locate tie-downs anywhere around the truck bed. Not surprisingly, fuel economy is poor — the price you pay for a 315-horsepower V8 engine. Overall, this is a great-looking truck with plenty of utility and power — just what you need in a full-size pickup. --Perry Stern The 2010 Nissan Titan offers fantastic visibility and self-confidence from a high-riding vantage point. With a relatively normal-size truck bed, the Titan remains maneuverable around town, but without good sight lines to normal traffic or neighboring cars, you have to trust your guess about how close those other cars may be. The ride is smooth and well-controlled in spite of the plentiful wheel travel. Strongly flared fenders give the Titan a good sense of proportion, and the rugged look they bring extends to the inside as well. In fact, from ...

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