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2012 Nissan Tiida

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. premiered an all-new hatchback model at the 2011 Auto Shanghai. This new model will be the new generation Nissan Tiida in China. The Nissan Tiida hatchback, introduced in China in 2005 from Dongfeng Nissan, is a pioneer in the compact hatchback market in China, selling 85000 units in 2010. Sold globally in 165 countries, the Nissan Tiida is the best-selling model in the current Nissan product lineup. The all-new Nissan Tiida is targeted toward young families who value quality life. With appeal points such as 'premium and agile styling', 'class leading comfort' and 'PURE DRIVE revolutionary powertrain', the new model will continue to be a leading model in the compact hatchback market in China. Nissan will also be the first Japanese automaker to introduce a turbo-charged engine in the Chinese market, with the introduction of the new Tiida's turbo series. Based on a keyword 'Fluid & Brisk', the new Nissan Tiida delivers a new, premium feeling with a smooth, streamlined bodyside, well-balanced proportions and advanced-design exterior parts, such as grilles and lamps with refined details. To further enhance its spacious interior, which has been well received in the previous generation Tiida hatchback, the wheelbase length has been increased by 100mm to ensure best-in-class rear knee room. With increased length and breadth of the front window and optimally-shaped side mirrors for ease of use, visibility is significantly improved contributing to stress ...

Nissan Tiida



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