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Videa Nissan 370Z 2012 Nissan 370Z - Review & Drive

2012 Nissan 370Z - Review & Drive If you are an avid Nissan supporter, then the Z name is something you should know. Z cars have been just a spectacular thing to drive and that legendary shape of the 240Z back in 1969 was just a thing of beauty. That long hood, short cabin base was just an eye catcher. Now fast forward to the time of 2012 where we are presented with the 370Z, 43 years of history all riding on the shoulders of this car. Will it deliver the same feel as the older models, is it really a Z? The 370Z brings back some shapes and heritage from the 240Z, long hood, short small cabin with flared wheel arches and a wide stance. Now the 370Z just gives that look of classic Japanese sports car. Watching one of these cars drive behind you is such a joy and when they get frustrated on how slow your driving, its a joy watching it overtake you.

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