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2011 Nissan 370Z GT Edition

Before the Datsun 240Z burst onto the scene more than four decades ago, the sports car was preserve of Europe and America. Until that point, Japan's motor industry hadn't contemplated anything as bold. But that classic rear-wheel drive 'Z' showed Nissan was a quick learner and it instantly captured the imagination of sports car enthusiasts all over the world. The spirit of that pioneering 'Z' lives on in the latest Nissan 370Z. Like the 240Z, the 370Z - launched in 2009 - is powered by a six-cylinder engine and provides genuine excitement thanks to its performance oriented rear-wheel drive chassis. Like its forebear, its name indicates the size of engine under the bonnet: the original had 2.4-litres while the 370's V6 power pack displaces 3.7-litres. But times change. Where the 240Z made do with 150bhp, the Nissan 370Z has more than double that, while 40 years of chassis development mean the latest version has levels of ride comfort, handling ability and safety that the original could only dream about. And it's just got better. The Nissan 370Z GT Edition offers more for less. As well as 19inch RAYS forged alloy wheels in place of 18inch wheels, special body colours and unique GT stripes, the GT Edition actually costs less than the standard car. As the name implies, the GT Edition highlights Nissan's presence in GT racing on the world stage. As well as its continuing commitment to Super GT in Japan, Nissan has been one of the leading lights in the new GT1 World ...

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