Video - 2011 Mini-Cooper Countryman S Rocks It!

Videa Nissan S-Cargo 2011 Mini-Cooper Countryman S Rocks It!

2011 Mini-Cooper Countryman S Rocks It!

What a fun-time we had with the 2011 Mini-Cooper Countryman S at the Car Concerns Radio Proving Grounds this week! The Countryman is the Mini-Cooper at the max, and the first with four side doors and optional all-wheel drive. It has a real volume of space and fits four adults with ease. The 2011 Mini-Cooper Countryman S has substantially more cargo volume than other Minis. Yet the Countryman retains the look and fuel economy that have established Mini as a premium go-to brand among small cars and their growing fan base. It for the most part, retains what Mini likes to call go-kart handling. The grille of the Countryman's is more upright than that on other Mini models. With big and oblong, the headlight clusters that standout on this Countryman rather than classic Mini round, with two pipes for main beams and a ring of LED elements that serve as daytime running lights. This Countryman's front bumper has ducts in the corners under the bumper that direct airflow to cool the front brakes. The Countryman side view features what Mini designers call a helmet roof. It's less flat and more domed than that on other Mini models. The Mini Cooper Countryman will offer wheels ranging from 16 to 19 inches in diameter. Its rear hatch is bigger than that on other Minis, and it opens higher. This 2011 Countryman is unique in the Mini line, but it absolutely will not be mistaken for any other brand on the road. The 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman commands respect! The Countryman's gauges and ...

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