Videa Nissan Tiida 2009 NISSAN TIIDA TVC


Bangkok (15 October 2009): Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. confirms its success on Tiida by launching its two models, as a response to the demand of new generation customers. The Nissan Tiida emphasizes on modern and cool concept, spacious cabin with the feature of sports car. This makes Tiida different from other ordinary marketing cars. While Tiida Latio focuses on simplicity stylish and comfort for all family uses. The interior design and exterior of the Tiida features on spacious cabin, it provides enough room for all imagination of life and obviously shows the uniquely distinction of the car for new generation. Tiida Latio pursues the concept of the eye-catching family car which is simply elegant and cozy, providing adequate room to fulfill all of happiness for everybodys love ones. It is certain that Latio is second to none. The introduction of the newly extra functions can enhance the advantage of the product, comparing with the competitors in the market. But, the spaciousness, modernity and comfort are still remained. There is a new design for the console of the Tiida by changing the front grille, the same shape as Nissan Muranos, in order to fit it with the new head lamps and bumper. For Hatchback, its front grille is dark grey according to the concept of sports car while Latios is light grey as a luxurious and tasty car. Additionally, fog lamps are designed as water drop-like shape. To enhance good features eye glance. New control boards of the Tiida and Tiida ...




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