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2009 Nissan 370z - 2009 Nissan 370z.In the 50-some-odd years that Japan has been exporting automobiles to the US, most have been of the reliable, sensible-shoes variety. There have been very few "icons" -- cars that transcend basic transportation, eliciting a strong emotional connection that resonates for decades. The Nissan Z car is one of those few and the first to show up on American shores. Although various numbers have appeared in front of that Z (plus the occasional X on the back end) as the engine displacement rose, each Z car has been a top performance choice among contemporary sports cars. The 2009 Nissan 370Z carries on this tradition while raising the bar for all sport coupes. There are clear visual ties between the 370Z and its successful 350Z predecessor (which continues on this year as a convertible only), but from the ground up, every aspect of the Z has been revisited, redesigned or re-engineered to create a more finely polished performance machine. The wheelbase has shrunk and the rear track widened, while 95 pounds have been trimmed from its waistline. Not only does this pay dynamic dividends, but the car now looks trimmer, too. Torsional and bending rigidity have been increased, yet the old structural crossmember that used to eat up valuable cargo space has been relocated out of the way. All of this plus revised suspension tuning results in a car that feels more premium and grown up. The engine has grown up as well. As its larger number for 2009 ...

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