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2009 Nismo Nissan 370Z

Jealousy is a terrible thing, but having just driven Nissans NISMO 370Z were feeling pangs of it here. The NISMO is an American-only model for now, it turning the already brilliant 370Z into an altogether more entertaining machine. In typical NISMO style the numbers associated with the 370Z NISMO arent huge - the 3.7-litre V6 engine gets a rather small 18bhp increase in power while torque rises by a single figure. Which makes the more overt looks seem a bit over the top at first, the NISMOs bigger rear wing, longer lower nose with a neater air intake, and deeper side skirts suggesting more than the modest increases the NISMO tweaking brings. With its far more muscular looks the NISMO looks like a proper Porsche fighter, its lower stance coming thanks to revised suspension settings and the huge lightweight 19-inch RAYS alloy wheels. The engine might now rev a bit higher and harder, but the NISMOs driving experience is dominated by the changes to the springs and dampers. Its firm, overly so on harsher surfaces, but it still retains its non-NISMO siblings ability to flow with surprising composure down tricky roads. Everything underneath is stiffer - the rear dampers by 140% - which means youll have to be prepared to put up with some compromises on the comfort front. Theyre worth it though for the additional sharpness on offer from the NISMO, the steering in particular delivering excellent turn-in and nice feel, the grip from the front wheels hugely impressive. As ever the ...

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