Video - 2008 Nissan Urvan/Caravan ANCAP Frontal Impact

Videa Nissan Urvan 2008 Nissan Urvan/Caravan ANCAP Frontal Impact

2008 Nissan Urvan/Caravan ANCAP Frontal Impact

Driver-Passenger HIC 684-289 Chest Acceleration 40.3-34.9 1 Star. The Urvan scored just 1.32 out of 16 in the offset crash test. The passenger compartment deformed excessively. Protection from serious head and foot injury was poor for the driver. Neck, chest and leg protection were weak. The vehicle was awarded a default score of 16 out of 16 in the side impact crash test. However, the low offset score meant that the vehicle was limited to a 1 star rating and an overall score of 8.49 (the maximum available for a 1 star rating). Frontal Offset Crash Test Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head/neck zero pts, chest 0.37 pts, upper legs 0.95 pts, lower legs/feet zero pts. The passenger compartment lost structural integrity in the offset crash test. The brake pedal moved rearwards by 367 mm and upwards 206 mm, to a position where it posed a hazard to the groin of the dummy. The steering wheel hub moved 11 mm rearward, 191 mm upward and 3 mm sideways. The front ("A") pillar moved 143 mm rearwards. All doors remained closed during the crash. After the crash tools were required to open the drivers door. The dummy's left foot was trapped by the deformed footwell and the dummy leg was dismantled for extrication. There was a leak from the diesel fuel tank. The top of the tank had been speared by the front suspension torsion bar which displaced rearwards in the crash. Due to steering column movement, the airbag tended to deploy upwards. The airbag partly deployed under the ...

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