Video - 2006 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V Mountain Run

Videa Nissan Sentra 2006 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V Mountain Run

2006 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V Mountain Run

Windows down, beautiful fall weather, I went for a run down a fun little road I know. Tried to keep it safe and civil (LOL. I'm really not kidding though), as you can see I wasn't the only one on the road. Performance: I/H/MP/E/Knock Sensor/BSR Kit/+2 timing/MMI's/$7WHA/STS/Shifter bushings/SS clutch/ 17x7 OZ Ultraleggeras wrapped in 225/45/17 P960 AS Pole Possitions Suspension: Nismo R-tune bushing kit/Nismo RSB/FSB/LTB/4pt trunk bar/6k BC Racing Coilovers (fronts set to 24 out of 30 clicks damper up front/ 20 out of 30 damper in rear specifically in this run) Other minor mods, cosmetics, and fluids left out.

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