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2003 Nissan 350Z Touring Model

Check out my Nissan 350Z Touring Model for Sale! Kelly Blue Book : 15k Will trade for a 2008 and Newer : Nissan Altima Coupe Fully Loaded w/ less then 50k Miles if Rebuilt and less then 65k if Clean Title. This car has alot of extras such as : Full Duals Magnaflow Exhaust System - $1200.00 Tinted Windows - $200.00 Strada 20inch Rims & 20 Inch Tires - $2500.00 Front & Rear Custom Wipers - $30.00 Underglow LED System w. Remote - $400.00 Tinted Tail Lights and Turn Signals - $50.00 Custom Alarm System - $200.00 Painted Dark Blue Callipers - $100.00 Custom Blue & Black Paint Job - $2000.00 NameBrand Air Intake System - $200.00 Racing Chip - $500.00 Blue & Black Seat Covers - $50.00 Blue HID Head Lights - $100.00 Touring Model comes with : Cruise Control Upgraded Soudn System ( Bose ) Power Seats for Driver and Passenger Leather Interior 6 Speed Manual Transmission Heater Seats Dual Automatic Windows Up & Down Car has very little scratches, can not be seen unless very close up. Right Window Motor needs to be replaced! $150.00 - just very lazy. Left Headlight getting alittle foggy. ^^ Those are the flaws listed above, trying to be as honest as possible!! Car is a 2003 w/ only 44000 Miles and a CLEAN TITLE! Please ask for VIN to check a CARFAX if you don't believe me. Car is very fast 0-60 in about 5.5 Seconds. 300 HorsePower - 290 Pounds of Tourqe Top Speed - 160 MPH No Test Drives without Money in Hand No Financing, but will hold the car if payment prompted. I am not a ...

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