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1hd-fte in a nissan gu patrol

Modified Nissan GU Patrol toyota engine into a Nissan body. Others would prefer to suggest he's wrapped a Nissan body around a Toyota engine. Some will no doubt call this transplant total sacrilege with brand mixing at its finest... or foulest, depending on which camp's flag you may wave. Others will welcome him to an astute and elite club whereby he has the best of both worlds that no one vehicle maker has been able to deliver -- a supremely capable 4X4 with coil springs all round and a comfortable cabin, combined with one of the finest 4X4 diesel engines money can buy that delivers huge torque, good fuel economy and excellent reliability. Either way, this melding of the two (arguably) most popular brands of 4X4 sees Mick with an extremely capable vehicle for touring and fair dinkum off-road prowess. What this GU can't tackle is probably not worth tackling! Kicking off with the ute he's owned since new in 2001, complete with the Nissan 4.2-litre naturally-aspirated diesel anchor, Mick has peddled it for just on 10 years in various guises -- comp vehicle, tourer, with aftermarket turbo, airbox, exhaust and suspension upgrades. While the GU did improve over time, Mick needed (or just plain ol' wanted is more like it) a better tow vehicle and highway performer. So, as part of that elite club we've mentioned above, he duly decided on a Toyota 1HD-FTE engine, transfer case and gearbox conversion. Having developed this exact conversion over some years, Jason Dymock at Total ...



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