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1999 Nissan Maxima GLE

Fully loaded Maxima, all in excellent working condition. Lights (all) work perfectly, car runs very well (pretty quick too). Driver seat has small tear on left side & in bottom left front (put blk tape over it to keep it from tearing more). I purchased it from original owner & she rear ended someone at some point & fixed it. This car is my road warrior, it has some battle scars (tried to show in video)but is a strong, reliable car. 163,XXXmiles. Tires are brand new (70k mi. Tires), new valve cover gaskets, already had new timing belt & always have required maint. done. I got rid of my truck because I travel 100mi a day. Truck 13mpg, Maxima 23-28mpg depending how you drive. With that said, I no longer care about gas! I mis my truck!! I'm looking to trade (no taxes when u trade) for a 81-87 4x4 Chevy or GMC p/u truck of equal value. Must be in great shape like mine please. Cold a/c, working 4x4 a must. Thanks...



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