Video - 1992 Nissan Stanza In Depth Tour/Review (Like Brand New)

Videa Nissan Stanza 1992 Nissan Stanza In Depth Tour/Review (Like Brand New)

1992 Nissan Stanza In Depth Tour/Review (Like Brand New)

A little tour of my 1992 Nissan Stanza XE. First of the video is not put up to sale the car, just to showcase it, I am not interested in selling at this time. It has been kept in great condition. Besides a few scratches on the bumpers, the paint job is like new. Inside the car, everything is in like new shape, except for the back seats which need a bit of cleaning. The car has been kept stock and no modifications have been done to it thus far, although I wish it had come with the SR20DET engine like its Japanese counterpart the Nissan Bluebird (U12); nevertheless, it is exceptionally fast. It has beat a few Ford Trucks, A Minivan, and a 90s Honda Accord haha. To date it has not lost me a race, but to be fair, I've only raced a few times. Anyways this car is actually quite great, despite its age, and is an excellent starting car for any teen drivers (Being a teen myself hah). The rides very smoothly, and a few girls that have been inside have said exactly that hah. The car's design is actually quite great, despite being old looks better than some newer cars, although much more could've have been done to Stanza. The car has a carphone by the war but i took off that antenna and I don't have the phone piece just the piece attached to the car. This is already a quite long description so I'll leave you with this general specifications of the car. Also, sidenote, if anyone has or knows someone who has a Rare SE trim model of the Stanza please let me know. I am interested in ...

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