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1992 Nissan 240sx SE

I just recently took this video a day after I finished rebuilding my 92' 240sx KA24DE engine with new: Pistons,all Rings,all Seals,all gaskets,all valve seals,all bearings, oil pump, plugs(NGK-4 prong), water pump, vacuum lines, and I repaired all the wiring, and did a wire tuck. Before Rebuild: I bought 4 brand new 195/60/R15 Tires(put on stock rims.) Bought All new Rotors(slotted&Drilled), and High Heat ceramic Brake Pads. Also put a ghetto(AutoZone) specter intake filter for the hell of it. My 240 is a work in progress, and I plan on saving up next for a 5-speed swap; Yes, sadly it's an Automatic. I hope to have it converted to 5-spd before I ship out :-P

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