Video - 1990 nissan navara king cab 350 chev

Videa Nissan Navara 1990 nissan navara king cab 350 chev

1990 nissan navara king cab 350 chev

freshly tuned 350chev brand new 600cfm holley carb and holly red fuel pump! 5.7L v8, weiand 7456 manifold, mallory twin point dizzy, eldebrook performer plus cam, grant pistons, com cams hi tensile pushrods, new valves valve seats valve springs, new bearings crank grind. 010 block bored and honed .20thou. felpro gaskets, clevite bearings, new cam gear, new custom made radiator. only thing left is i need a new manifold as the current one is setup for drag racing and powerband kicks in way to harshly at 3500rpm. im sure theres more ive forgotten ute is currently for sale. as apprenticeship wages suck lol.

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