Video - 1989 nissan pathfinder mudfinder build slide show

Videa Nissan Pathfinder 1989 nissan pathfinder mudfinder build slide show

1989 nissan pathfinder mudfinder build slide show

this is a video picture show of my old 1989 nissan pathfinder . when i got hold of this one it had no rockers but thankfully my friend had a metal breaker for doing siding so i took over some body metal and a template and had some new ones made up that had some height to them and werent as low as the stock ones . i got the paint cheap from the local autobody shop because it was a mistint . not the best body work in the world but i hate body work and once this build was finished i took it off road less than a week after it was painted . intro music was created by my friend craig from . the music in the rest of the video was provided with permission from Kevin MacLeod ( song title is basement floor .

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