Video - 1987 Nissan Pulsar, 3 Engine fires!

Videa Nissan Pulsar 1987 Nissan Pulsar, 3 Engine fires!

1987 Nissan Pulsar, 3 Engine fires!

i bought this pulsar for 300 bucks, it was my first road car, at the age of 21. it went through a quart of oil about a week. used hardly any gas, and 5'th gear was gone, litteraly. it had almost 300000 miles on it i think. T-tops, handled incredibly, and had no power. and the engine always sounded like it was going to break. i went 45 MPH into a deep ass puddle one time, and the car turned completely sideways, and went into a few foot deep ditch filled with water, and almost hit a tree. the car stoped within 10 feet of the initial slide out. water will slow you down i guess... anyway, the cv joint went bad, so i gave it to my cousin steve. (like usual) he fixed that, and drove it for a while, until the engine exploded some big metal piece through the crank case, loosing all the oil on the road. he went to his house and got his uninspected, uninsured 87 dodge 4wd pickup, overloaded with a slide in camper that was meant for a much stronger truck, and tried to pull the car back. but it was swarming with cops, so he came back alittle later, and towed it back. then one day i came over and decided to see if the thing would start in any way. and it bassially kept lighting on fire, until it lost spark at the end, and did nothing.

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