Video - 1987 Nissan 300ZX purchased for $995

Videa Nissan 300ZX 1987 Nissan 300ZX purchased for $995

1987 Nissan 300ZX purchased for $995

Sold my 1996 BMW Z3 1.9 with blown motor for 1200 cash. Purchased this in it's place. I have owned a 240z, 260z, and 280zx before. I could've got a Honda Civic but they don't have any style. This car, although old, still has some style left in her. 207803 miles at time of filming. Previous owner since 1993 stated that he did NOT take care of this car at all. He only put used tires on it when needed. He never gave it a tune up. He never got an alignment done. He did replace a few parts on it here and there but only if they broke. I like to think that I saved this car from a terrible owner. Even though he started replacing the carpet he completely neglected it. The only things that don't work are the cruise control, A/C, and the digital climate control system. It may work but I have no idea how to work any of it. It blows heat but it's summer time here so I don't need that. The car does have a wreck in it's carfax report but it was a minor fender bender in the front. The black drivers side fender is free from dents and is perfectly aligned with the rest of the body, just needs paint. T-tops do not leak at all and work as they should. There is a slight grind in 2nd gear when downshifting if you are over 30mph. It may be the clutch or transmission itself but it's working for now which is what it's job is until I get a job myself.

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