Video - 1983' Nissan S130 Fairlady 200ZX Turbo

Videa Nissan Datsun 1983' Nissan S130 Fairlady 200ZX Turbo

1983' Nissan S130 Fairlady 200ZX Turbo

The only thing that was left unchanged from the previous 280Z was the 5-speed manual transmission and 2.8-liter L28 inline-6 engine, while the entire car overall was made more luxurious to meet growing consumer demands. Major changes for this new generation of Z-cars include t-tops, introduced in 1980, and a turbocharged model introduced in 1981, complementing the naturally aspirated (NA) 2-seater and NA 2+2 models. Coupled to either a 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, the turbocharged model was capable of 180 bhp (130 kW) and 203 ft·lbf (275 N·m) of torque, over the 135 bhp (101 kW) and 144 ft·lbf (195 N·m) of the NA engine

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