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Videa Nissan 280 1981 Nissan 280zx Turbo

1981 Nissan 280zx Turbo

Sorry for the iphone video quality, This is my project 1981 Nissan 280zx N/A converted to Turbo, Swapped in a 83 L28ET from a 280zx Turbo also, T-5 Transmission, Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter, Exedy clutch, 83 Turbo Subframe, Z31 ECU/MAF, AiResearch T3/TO4E Turbo, MSD coil, stock 2.5" exhaust with aftermarket 3" muffler, Stock R200 3.90 gears. Forum

280zx, 280zx Turbo, S130, S130z, 130z, Datsun, Nissan, L-Series, L28, L28E, L28ET, Turbo,, hybridz



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