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1977 Pink Datsun Nissan Truck

well this story is back in 1997 in kentucky. I went over to a buddies house on the weekend for a cookout. well later on that evening after he had way too many beers, he passed out on his couch, so I decided to paint his fingernails PINK. the next day he swore he'd get me back. well just under a yr later, I bought a 1977 Datsun Nissan truck, 2wheel, long bed. got it real cheep, but it had different colored doors, a primered hood. I asked my buddie if he would paint it for me. and he said yes... well, remember he swore he would get me back??? imagine, I had to drive back and forth from work to home in a very small town in a PINK FREAKING TRUCK !! I'm and he's glad I have a very good sense of humor. I posted this story on a web site I made many yrs ago.. if ya are interested in the FULL story.. go here. music made by me with Magix Music Maker 16 :)

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