Video - 180SX s13 / 240sx winter drifting snow drift

Videa Nissan 180SX 180SX s13 / 240sx winter drifting snow drift

180SX s13 / 240sx winter drifting snow drift

Kinda bait with the cement patches but it slid over so ;) :P Nissan 240 Nissan 240SX Drift Snow Drifting Winter nissan 180sx Nissan 180SX s13 s14 s15 turbo t25mm t25 slammed coil-overs coilovers sr20det red top redtop sr20 det intake manifold gasked leak maybe lol momo kouki zenki Japan Skyline Cars R32 R33 R34 R35 GTR GTS GTS-T GT rb26 rb25tt rb26t down-pipe down pipe straight all the way no cat catalytic converter resonator delete sound exhaust muffler Racing Turbocharger Need Speed Drag church parking lot on westpark This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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