Video - 100MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy experiment - Sequel 2

Videa Nissan Sentra 100MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy experiment - Sequel 2

100MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy experiment - Sequel 2

So whats new with the 100MPG Nissan Sentra Pinoy Experiment?... A Lot! If the Computer is undergoing breakthrough changes almost every 3 weeks... this car has been a test bed and running laboratory for green technologies ever since... and has undergone major changes on a weekly basis. The last recorded mileage run was able to hit the 120MPG. It is currently undergoing energy shielding improvements... much like those NASA Space probe internals... where everything inside are covered with tin foils. This is a Low Tech approach in achieving High Tech Results. The Improvements are noticeable and significant. I personally was able to see 100kph easily achieved in acceleration at 2nd gear only on the HHO Charade by simply using this technique. This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest solution to enhance your vehicles efficiency. Rationale, every electronic, electrical or electromagnetic component is affected by external electro magnetic waves.... with energy shielding... aka Faraday Caging - you can keep those components working to their optimal efficiency without any interruption to performance. This works with almost anything that containes energy flows. Thank you Mr. X for sharing this to the world. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try it! And please remember to give credit to those who shared the info to you. I'll start... "Thank so much Mr. X." "THE FORCE IS WITH US!"

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