Video - 0 - 60 in a 2004 Nissan Quest

Videa Nissan Quest 0 - 60 in a 2004 Nissan Quest

0 - 60 in a 2004 Nissan Quest

I was messing around while coming home from the store one day, and I decided to see how quick the minivan was. Now, it's not the fastest car in the world, that's for sure, but for a 4000 lb. minivan, it gets up pretty nicely. This is a shot of the speedometer during the run. I was turning a corner at first, so I didn't launch really quickly, but as soon as I was straight, I took off. The Quest has the speedometer in the middle of the dash, like a Mini Cooper, so you don't see the steering wheel as I turn. This video was shot with my Sony Ericsson W600i, so the video quality sucks. However, you should still be able to read the numbers. Sorry it isn't all that straight, as I was also driving.

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