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Videa Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano, the premium crossover, is more luxurious than ever. Updates to the interior, revisions to the tail-lights, a new design of alloy wheel and changes to the instrumentation enhance even further the already high levels of comfort and style found in Nissan's flagship model. The majority of the changes take place inside the well-appointed cabin. More sophisticated white lighting (replacing the orange used previously) and revised lettering feature on the instrument dials. At the same time, the centre stack surround is now better integrated into the cabin by being finished in the same colour as the rest of the dashboard. Perhaps the most obvious change, though, is to the leather seat facing and the leather on the door panels which now use pleated stitching rather than the ruched effect seen previously. In the rear compartment, the optional DVD screen previously mounted in the roof has been replaced by two individual screens integrated into the rear of the front seats headrest. External changes include new tail-lights which have a strong visual link to the lamps found on Qashqai and which feature a clear arrowhead lens outside the red lens section. Two new metallic body colours - Pearl White and Graphite Blue - contrast with a new five V-spoke design of 18-inch alloy. The stylish five twin-spoke design on the 20-inch wheel remains unchanged. Models destined for the Russian market gain the latest infotainment system, which has already been adopted in Europe, while ...

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