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Nissan 350Z


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350Z Subwoofer amp repair

Fixing the Bose subwoofer amp with a business card and electrical tape. Bass cut...

3 minut : 53 sekund
Nissan GTR Jump, Mercedes CLS 550 AMG, Nissan 350Z Drift

Dombrovsky Autoshow: episode 4 Cars in episode: Nissan GTR, Mercedes CLS 550 AMG...

3 minut : 17 sekund
RSX-S vs 350Z on track

Acura RSX-S vs Nissan 350Z on racetrack.

3 minut : 54 sekund
Forza 4 Nissan 350Z Drift Build, Tuning Setup And Drift Run

---------------------------------------Read Below-------------------------------...

6 minut : 18 sekund
Nissan 350Z - Dirt 2 (PC) - Baja California - very low graphical settings (640x480 pixels)

I have to play at 640 x 480 resolution because my computer hardware is not power...

2 minut : 33 sekund
Honda Prelude vs Nissan 350Z on track

Following a Honda Preldude on track.

1 minut : 6 sekund
Mazda RX-8 & Nissan 350Z roadcourse epic battle.

RX-8 and Nissan 350Z race around Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga. Epic battle.

1 minut : 50 sekund
Nissan 350Z vs BMW M3 on track

TMP Cayuga Oct 30th, 2011. Ran into this cool Matte Black BMW E46 M3. Was eventu...

5 minut : 20 sekund
NFS World - Nissan 350Z

Today I buy the 350Z. Put Design Ideas in the Comments :D

5 minut : 57 sekund
Nissan 350Z chasing Subaru WRX Sti and Porsche Cayman R

Evening lapping session. Lots of nice cars on the track. Lots of traffic however...

9 minut : 53 sekund

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