Nissan Datsun B210 120Y (Datsun), B210, 3. generace

Modely Nissan Datsun 3 B210 120Y (Datsun)

Nissan Datsun B210 120Y (Datsun) 3

Rok výroby 1973 - 1977

Model: Datsun (1914 - 1980)



Nissan chassis model B210 was the third-generation Sunny. They were sold during Model years 1974-1978 and marketed in various countries as the Datsun B-210 or Datsun Sunny. In some countries it was designated Datsun 120Y or Datsun 140Y, depending on the engine fitted.

It is common to confuse the "Datsun 210" with the "Datsun B-210", but they are different models sold during different years.

Exported as the Datsun 120Y and Datsun B-210 (in North America), the third generation (1973–1978) Sunny was extremely popular as it debuted during the gas crisis of the 1970s. It continued to be the fuel-economy leader in North America and one of the least expensive cars available. At the time body styling was popular with buyers. The American model's safety bumpers actually were said to "improve" the styling. One name in particular used for the American market 120Y was the "Datsun Honeybee". Although regular production in Japan as well as sales in most countries ended with the 1978 model year, the B210 series continued to be produced by Nissan South Africa through 1980.

The 120Y was sharply criticized by magazines such as Wheels of Australia, which felt that it offered no true improvement on its predecessor, not surprising given that the B110 platform was carried over, but used a slightly revised A12 engine. Like some Nissans of this period, it tended to be overstyled.

The related Sunny Excellents continued as PB210 models, fitted with a 1.4-litre L14 engine. In 1976 Nissan changed the Sunny Excellent from a distinct vehicle model (PB210) to simply a trim-level option for the regular B210, now fitted with 1.6-liter L16 engine.

Six bodystyles were offered: 4-door sedan (saloon), 2-door sedan, 3-door coupe, 3-door wagon, 5-door wagon and 3-door van. The coupe still retained fastback styling, but now featured a full hatchback door rather than the small boot lid of the previous generation Sunny. In Australia these same bodies were known simply as the Four Door Sedan, the Two Door Sedan & the Coupe. In North America, the wagon was not offered.

Road & Track was somewhat critical of the B-210 in their 1975 test[citation needed]. They criticized the "modest performance" of the "peppy" engine, but were impressed with its 27 mpg fuel economy. B210 pricing started at US$2849 that year.

US-market models were fitted with these A-series engines (years given are model years:

* 1974: A13 engine, 1.3 L (1288 cc) OHV I4 * 1975-1978: A14 engine, 1.4 L (1397 cc) OHV I4, various horsepower ratings from 65-85hp

In most markets, the B210 line featured as the only engine option a re-designed A12 engine.

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