Nissan Datsun B11 1200 (Datsun), B110

Modely Nissan Datsun B11 1200 (Datsun)

Nissan Datsun B11 1200 (Datsun)

Rok výroby 1970 - 1973

Model: Datsun (1914 - 1980)


B110 (Datsun 1200)

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The second-generation Sunny launched in 1970 and was also known as the Datsun 1200. This new model was slightly larger in all dimensions to match its market rival, the equally popular Toyota Corolla.

The Datsun 1200 featured MacPherson strut front suspension with optional disc brakes and an economical 1.2-liter A12-series engine. A coupé was added to the range, while the station wagon came in two variants (3-door wagon and 5-door wagon).

In Australia, the Datsun 1200 was highly regarded for conversion to a 2WD rally car. The Datsun 1600 generally rated highest among entry-level Datsuns, and the 1200 a close second.

The Datsun 1200 was the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the United States in 1973, as rated by the government at 28.7 miles per gallon (mpg) in overall driving pattern. It achieved 37.9 mpg in highway driving.

In Mexico, the Sunny B110 was marketed as the Nissan Sentra.

Více o Sunny B110 (v angličtině)

PB110 (Sunny Excellent)

April 4, 1971, halfway through the model year, the Sunny Excellent (PB110 series) debuted for the Japan domestic market. It was based on the B110, but with new hood, fenders and grille, and featured a SOHC 1.4-litre Nissan L engine. In Mexico this was markted as the Sentra 1400.

At the Tokyo motor show, October 19th 1972, A Sunny Excellent with Nissan's two-rotor Wankel rotary engine was exhibited (Article on Wheels magazine drove this car on the race track

Více o Sunny PB110 v angličtině na Datsun 1200 Clubu

VB110 (Wagon)

Datsun 1200 came in two wagon forms: the 2-dr wagon and the 4-dr wagon. In some literature these were called 3-dr and 5-dr. In Japan both 2-dr and 4-dr wagons are called バアン (van), hence the V- prefix in VB110.

Více o Sunny VB110 v angličtině na Datsun 1200 Clubu

B120 (Sunny Truck)

The B120 commercial truck debuted in 1970, based on the B110 passenger car chassis. The B120 used the same wheelbase and running gear of the Datsun 1200 sedans, coupe and wagon models. After the 1200 car series ceased production the B120 continued. Interestingly, on certain markets the B120 was actually badged as 120Y, to correspond as part of the updated 120Y range.

The B120 ute was sold in Australia until 1985. It was marketed in New Zealand during the 1980s in two trims: RoadStar and SportStar. This model was known as a bakkie in South Africa. Updated B122 and GB122 (longbed) models were sold in Japan through the 1994 model year.

Více o Sunny B120 v angličtině na Datsun 1200 Clubu

B140 Bekkie

The Sunny Truck lives on South Africa, though no longer marked under the Datsun or Sunny names. The B140 variation, now with 1.4-liter A14 engine, continues to be manufactured and sold in 2006 by Nissan South Africa as the Nissan LDV 1400.

Více o Sunny B140 v angličtině na Datsun 1200 Clubu

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