Nissan Cabstar H43 (F24), 4. generace

Modely Nissan Cabstar 4 H43 (F24)

Nissan Cabstar H43 (F24) 4

Rok výroby 2007 - 2012

Model: Cabstar (1981 - ...)

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The Atlas is available in two versions: the F24 and H43. The F24 is known as the Atlas 10 and is available with a 2.0 L petrol and 3.0 L turbo diesel engines with a range of payloads from 1.15 to 2 tons and was launched in June 2007. The H43 Atlas 20 (January 2007) comes in a wide range of versions with a choice of 3.0 L or 5.2 L diesel and a payload from 1.65 to 4.5 tons in rear wheel drive and four wheel drive options. The H43 is also marketed as the UD Condor (light-duty). The H43 is a rebadged Isuzu Elf.

From January 2011, production of the F24 transferred from UD to Nissan Shatai.


The F24 is also marketed in India as the Ashok Leyland Partner (used for the Civilian variants) and the Ashok Leyland Garuda (used for the Military variants).


See also: Renault Maxity

Since 2007 the Atlas F24 continued to be sold as the Nissan Cabstar, replacing the F23 in Europe. Built on the same Spanish Renault-Nissan Alliance production line as the Renault Maxity, the Cabstar uses the same Nissan YD25DDTi 2.5 L Turbo diesel engine in a choice of 110 hp or 130 hp versions and a Nissan ZD30DDTi 3.0 Turbo Diesel engine producing 150 hp.

North America

UD Trucks did not import the new F24 to the United States but in 2008 exports to Mexico from the new San Yi, Taiwan factory commenced, using the Nissan Cabstar name.

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2006 Nissan Cabstar H43 (F24)

1 fotek  |  5 diskuzí

5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka.

2010 Nissan Cabstar H43 (F24) 2.4

Výkon motoru 96 kW (131 PS) . Palivo diesel. 6-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 2 448 ccm (149 cui), 4-válec, Řadový, YD25DDTI,96KW, YD25DDTi 2WD.

2009 Nissan Cabstar H43 (F24) 2.5

Palivo diesel. 6-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 2 500 ccm (153 cui), 4-válec.

Najazdené 110000 km.

Stav perfektný.