Nissan Atlas F22/H40, 1. generace

Modely Nissan Atlas 1 F22/H40

Nissan Atlas F22/H40 1

Rok výroby 1981 - 1991

Model: Atlas (1982 - ...)

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Manufacturing of the heavier range (H40-series) began in December 1981, while the lighter series Atlas (F22) was introduced in February 1982.


The Atlas F22 was sold in Europe as the Nissan Cabstar and proved a popular truck in the UK market due to its reliability and ability to carry weight. The F22 Cabstar was available in the British market with the 1,952 cc Z20S OHC petrol engine. From 1990 the range widened and was sold as the Cabstar E. In Taiwan, the F22 continued to be sold as the "Yue Loong Homer".

It was also used as recreational truck (motorhome conversions). It proved to be serious competition for the dated Bedford CF and Ford Transit which were its main competitors. The trucks popularity in the African market saw vast majority of the remaining early UK F22 models being exported to Africa.


Australia was another important market for the Atlas, where it took over after the previous Nissan Caball which was sold there from 1970 to 1981. It was later marketed as the Nissan Cabstar (1984–1992). It was built in Australia using many local components.

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Nissan Atlas F22/H40
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