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Jaká hudba ti hraje z repro..?

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2012-04-18 19:53:57

Pokud by to nikomu nevadilo, založil bych nejen mnou hojně navštěvované téma na H-C.cz, které má i obdobný název.

Jelikož je to web o autech a k ním nepřímo patří i sound, tak proč ne na chvilku vypnout u dobré hudby .

Nickelback - Savin' Me  |  Více info

© 2007 WMG

Savin' Me

Buy it on iTunes:

Nickelback, Savin' Me, Rock ...

2012-04-18 19:54:32

Paul van Dyk ETERNITY featuring Adam Young (Official Music Video)  |  Více info

Paul van Dyk ETERNITY featuring Adam Young

Release in iTunes US/CA 13.3.2012 , rest of the world 16.3.2012

as part of the EVOLUTION iTunes Count-Down itunes.com/paulvandyk

For the second track to be taken from his ready-to-drop, sixth studio album 'Evolution', multitalented DJ/producer Paul van Dyk has teamed up with Owl City citizen Adam Young. Together they've created the luminously toned, endlessly catchy and irrepressibly positive 'Eternity'.

Propelled by a scene-wide A-list raft of DJ support, 'Verano' - the first single to come off his astounding new long-player - roared up Beatport's chart and boomed into its top 10 on its first day of release. With the track delighting fans and music press alike ("something thoroughly irresistible", said Mixmag, while DJ Mag voiced that "Verano' isn't so much hinting at 'summertime', as rooftop shouting it!" 'Evolution' was in motion!

Now, with barely a pause for breath, PvD is lining up its second incredible single. Underlining the album's style range, 'Eternity' has a palpably different tone and feel to 'Verano'.

Adam Young is the crazily talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind smash act Owl City. With a significant thread of electronica to his music, he has readily engaged with the EDM-verse from the outset of his career. When Young reached out to suggest a studio collaboration for van Dyk's new album, he found that the wires of communication were already plenty warm! Paul had been an admirer of the young Minnesotan's music since Adam's garage band/MySpace days and had become a huge fan of his breakthrough international hit 'Fireflies'.

The collaboration quickly came into being, with Adam taking care of the singing/and lyrical component, while Paul handled the composition and production side. The result is the sky-scraping 'Eternity', which coalesces their elements into a hooky-as-hell unapologetically cheerful, limitlessly uplifting vocal trancer. Across its Original and Alternative mixes, the track is a radio-gift, smash-in-the-making. PvD's Club Mix meanwhile does just what it says on the tin, underpinning the track's infectious hook lines and vocals with a classically-cut driving, floor-seeking van Dyk bassline.

Pre-order EVOLUTION: US/CA store.paulvandyk.com




Paul van dyk, adam young, owl city, eternity, evolution, club, dance, trance, pop, official, electronic, vandit, armada, 3beat, beatport, spotify, itunes, Owl City Electronics ...

2012-04-18 20:07:49

Musí to být jen oficial klipy, nebo i dlouhý verze můžou

Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (Official Music Video) HD  |  Více info

Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day

Kai Tracid, Trance and Acid, Trance, Acid, Electro, Progressive, Classic, Music, 4 just 1 Day ...

2012-04-18 20:08:51

Kai Tracid - Life is Too Short (Original)  |  Více info

Kai, Tracid, Life, is, too, short, pop, oldschool, old, school, never, ending, story, unendliche, geschichte, neverending, Giorgio, Moroder, Klaus, Doldinger ...

2012-04-18 20:20:56

2012-04-18 20:21:10

Téda, Thommy je takhle tůcavej, jo?! c

2012-04-18 20:21:28

Rammstein - Sonne  |  Více info

Offizielles Musik-Video für die Single "Sonne"

"Dieses Lied sollte einmal die Hymne des Boxers Wladimir Klitschko werden. Es entstand nur deshalb, weil es eine entsprechende Anfrage an Rammstein gab. Das Ergebnis war Klitschkos Management jedoch zu „hart und wurde nicht als Hymne eingesetzt.

Der Videoclip greift ein beliebtes Motiv der Brüder Grimm auf und stellt Rammstein als Zwerge dar, die als Bergarbeiter für ein tyrannisches, drogenabhängiges Schneewittchen arbeiten, welches am Ende des Liedes nicht durch einen vergifteten Apfel sondern durch eine Überdosis stirbt. Das Schneewittchen stellt für die Zwerge die Sonne in ihrem Leben dar."

Interpret: Rammstein

Titel: Sonne

Album: Mutter

Jahr: 2001

Das Video gehört NICHT mir!

Falls die Band oder Universal Music Group etwas dagegen haben, nehme ich das Video gerne raus!

© 2001 UMG

© Rammstein

Rammstein, Sonne, Mutter, MKV, HD, HQ, 2001, Drogen, Sieben, Zwerge, Wladimir, Klitschko, Schneewittchen, und, die, Zwerg, Tot, Tod, Neue, Deutsche, Härte, Harte, Metal, Rock, Industrial, Deutschland, German, 2004 ...

2012-04-18 20:30:26

2012-04-18 20:31:41

Best of the best, of the Classic Trance Anthems

PAUL VAN DYK "For An Angel"  |  Více info

Original "butterfly" version now posted in my videos.

Berlin's top DJ and all round good egg tries to be cool in the sweltering heat of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

This is the PG version. The X rated version features butterflies on Paul's face...he didn't like the butterflies much.

The true stars of this video are obviosly the two young girls playing football (Up the Boro),

and the beach at Xpuha....sadly that is now home to an all inclusive resort (booo hisss).

Thanks to Xcaret eco park for the spiffing caves and all that.

Timecode on this copy. I hope to get a clean version soon.

This is specially for my mate Stephan @ www.racingsquirrel.com He shoots, and he scores.

Paul, Van, Dyk, For, an, Angel, GobTV, Xcaret, Mexico, Xpuha, Girls, football, Cancun, Iguana, lagoon, superstar, DJ ...

2012-04-18 21:01:13

A v trochu jiný podobě, ale moc pěkný taky

Paul van Dyk — For an angel (Symphony Orchestra)  |  Více info


Paul van dyk, pvd, for an angel, trance, music, symphony orchestra ...

2012-04-18 21:50:04

Sakra budu muset naucit takle zpivat ten vyfuk . Protoze vecne hraje pouze on a kdyz neco pustim na radiu tak zacne blblount, ze mam akorad nervy

2012-04-18 21:55:33

No já už taky moc nesliším rádio... díky Rámusu

2012-04-18 22:03:32

To s tím orchestrem je dobrý!

Taky jsem zvědavej, jak mi bude hrát Magnaflow .

2012-04-18 22:18:35

Takze Dynomax nee?

2012-04-18 22:50:55

I z intrem z Elemnt Of Life Live

YouTube Dj Tiesto Adagio For String In Concert  |  Více info

YouTube, Dj, Tiesto, Adagio, For, String, In, Concert ...

2012-04-18 22:51:46

Další chuťovka v Svenson & Gielen remixu

Delerium feat. Jael - After All (Perfect Remix)  |  Více info

Rate - Comment pls ...it's important 4 me :D

Delerium, Jael, After, All, trance, 2008, awesome, best, tune ...

2012-04-18 22:52:52

Poslední, protože to tady zaspamuju celý


Ale myslím že minimálně Tofoje sem potěšil

Blank & Jones - Beyond Time  |  Více info

Official musicvideo from Blank & Jones

Blank, jones, beyond, time, til, schweiger, estella, warren, model, trance ...

2012-04-18 23:08:16

Nj thommy vytáhl starou klasiku. Fakt se ten styl dost změnil, dřív sem to ani tolik neposlouchal, ale pak přišel řidičák a když si to člověk pustí jednou v noci v autě, není co řešit. Hned bych se jel projet

Lange & Audrey Gallagher - Our Way Home (Official Video)  |  Více info

OUT NOW at Beatport :

Full release (all stores) : 12th March 2012

The 50th release on Lange Recordings features label head Lange, teaming up with legendary Irish vocalist Audrey Gallagher.

"Our Way Home" sees Lange deliver a euphoric production; with his trademark punch, driving bass and rhythm and a warm breakdown of epic proportions, neat guitars and soaring lead synths. This is perfectly matched by Audrey's passionate and emotive vocal delivery, which will ensure that this modern trance anthem will certainly live long in memory.

Huge support from Armin van Buuren (ASOT), Above & Beyond (TATW), Judge Jules (BBC Radio One Tried and Tested), Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, and a whole host of others.

Video Director Darren Teale

Producers Suzanne James & Darren Teale

Junction 15 Productions | d.teale@junction15.com

Directors Statement

When listening the to the track I was immediately struck by the mix of emotions running through the song. On one hand you have the music, which, for me, conjures images of a struggle, a fight. It is as angry as it is relentless and I wanted to visualise this on screen.

Juxtaposed against this however were the serene yet haunting vocals that call out from the chaos of the music, reaching out and growing in passion as the track develops. I wanted to capture both of these elements in the video and so we pitch the homeless man against 2 bourgeois figures. They taunt and belittle him and he retaliates by dancing faster and harder.

In amongst them the Angel calls out. I associated this with shows such as 'X Factor' that lift 'common people' onto a pedestal for the sole purpose of attempting to knock them from it. And just as we see a transformation of the contestants on these shows, we too see the Angel transform the homeless man, lift him from his lowly position in society and package him a way that society will receive him.

Lange (musician) Official, Audrey Gallagher, Trance, Dance, Music, ASOT, TATW, Lange, progressive, techno, Dance Music, ''Lange, Recordings'', Our Way Home, Electronic, A State Of Trance, ft, feat, Lange feat. Audrey Gallagher, Lange ft. Audrey Gallagher, ...

2012-04-18 23:09:06

Ještě jednu

Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan - I Don't Believe in Miracles (Shogun Remix)  |  Více info

As broadcasted on A State Of Trance Episode 523!

Also check out the A State Of Trance Official Podcast!


Youtube Playlist:


For full tracklisting of the show and more info check:




Dark, Matters, feat, Jess, Morgan, Don't, Believe, in, Miracles, Shogun, Remix ...

2012-04-18 23:13:30

U mě je to obráceně, věci v rozmezí cca. 1996 - 2006 sou pro mě best of, z toho novýho už fakt musím hledat něco fakt dobrý, příde mi to všechno skoro stejný. Dřív měli každý svůj nezaměnitelný rukopis... Blank & Jones, Darude, Kai Tracid, Quicksilver, P.V.D. atď...

Jeden praotec trancu


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