Motor VG33ER


Kód výrobce VG33ER (3.3 v6)
Rodina motorů VG
Palivo benzín
Zdvihový objem 3 300 ccm (201 cui)
Točivý moment 240 Nm (177 ft/lb)
Rozvody DOHC
Válce 6 / Vidlicový
Počet ventilů 24
Přidal: 2006-06-11  zikky
Změnil: 2014-09-28  udm

Použití ve vozidlech

Rok Model
1996 - 2005 Nissan Pathfinder II R50

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Rodina motorů VG

The VG engine family consists of V6 piston engines designed and produced by Nissan for several vehicles in the Nissan lineup. The VG series started in 1983 becoming Japan's first mass-produced V6 engine. VG engines displace between 2.0 L and 3.3 L and feature an iron block and aluminum heads. The early VG engines featured SOHC, 12 valve heads. A later revision featured a slightly different block, and DOHC, 24 valve heads with Nissan's own version of variable valve timing for a smoother idle and more torque at low to medium engine speeds. The block features a single piece main bearing cap. The production blocks and production head castings were used successfully in the Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo and NPT-90 race cars which won the IMSA GT Championship three years in a row.

The VG series engine found its way into thousands of Nissan vehicles, starting in 1984. The VG design was retired in 2004, by which time all V6-powered Nissans had switched to the VQ engine series.

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