Motor VQ25DD


Kód výrobce VQ25DD (2.5 v6)
Rodina motorů VQ
Palivo diesel
Zdvihový objem 2 494 ccm (152 cui)
Točivý moment 200 Nm (148 ft/lb)
Rozvody OHV
Válce 6 / Vidlicový
Počet ventilů 18
Přidal: 2006-06-11  zikky
Změnil: 2014-09-28  udm

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Rodina motorů VQ

The VQ is a V6 piston engine produced by Nissan with displacements varying from 2.0 L to 4.0 L. It is an aluminum block DOHC 4-valve (per cylinder) design with aluminum heads. It is fitted with Nissan's EGI/ECCS sequential multi-point fuel injection (MPFI) system. Later versions feature various implementations of variable valve timing and replace MPFI with direct fuel injection (marketed as NEO-Di). The VQ series engine was honored by Ward's 10 Best Engines list almost every year from the list's inception. The VQ series replaced the VG series of engines.

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