Motor Z20E


Kód výrobce Z20E (2.0)
Rodina motorů Z
Palivo benzín
Zdvihový objem 1 952 ccm (119 cui)
Výkon motoru 80 kW (109 PS)
Válce 4
Přidal: 2006-03-19  zikky
Změnil: 2014-09-28  udm


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Rodina motorů Z

The Nissan Z series of automobile engines ranged from 1.6 L to 2.4 L and were produced from 1979 through August 1989. The Z series engines retained a nearly identical block to the earlier L Series with the exception of the Z24 which utilized a taller deck height to accommodate an increased stroke. The Z16 and Z18 engines used a shorter block similar to the earlier L13/L14/L16/L18 variants. All Z engines were SOHC. The most notable feature of the Z-series engine was the change from the L series head, to a crossflow cylinder head which reduced emissions by moving the intake ports to the right side of the engine opposite the exhaust ports. This change allows the exhaust port velocity to more effectively scavenge the cylinder and reduce reversion pulses to enhance induction. The Z-series evolved into the Nissan NA,and KA engines which along with the smaller CA series replaced the Z series.

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