Motor CA18DE (96kW)


Kód výrobce CA18DE (96kW) (1.8)
Rodina motorů CA
Palivo benzín
Zdvihový objem 1 809 ccm (110 cui)
Výkon motoru 96 kW (131 PS)
Válce 4 / Řadový
Počet ventilů 16
Vrtání x zdvih 83 x 83 mm
Přidal: 2006-07-26  Wally
Změnil: 2014-09-28  udm

hmotnost: 113 kg

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Rodina motorů CA

The CA engine is a 1.6 L to 2.0 L Inline-4 piston engine from Nissan designed for a variety of smaller Nissan vehicles to replace the Z engine and some smaller, four-cylinder L series engines. It is an iron block, aluminum head design with a timing belt, thus was cheaper to make than the timing chain setup on the Z and L engines. Earlier versions featured SOHC and eight valves. The new CA block design was a scaled up E series block with timing shaft and other ancillaries removed. The oil pump is fitted directly onto the crank nose and the distributor is driven by the end of the camshaft. Like the E series and the A block from which the E was derived, Nissan used a taller block for the largest stroked 2.0 litre engine. The CA was designed to be compact and light, with a CA16 requiring only 195 litres of space (compared to 280 litres for the earlier Z16), while weighing 23% less at 115 kg (254 lb).[1] The engine was called the "CA" series for Clean Air, due to the installation of Nissan emission reducing technology, called NAPS-X.

Later versions featured DOHC with 16 valves for increased efficiency at high engine speeds and a smoother power delivery. The hydraulic lifters are interchangeable between all DOHC RB and VG series engines excepting those with solid lifters.

The motor was expensive to produce being cast iron, Production ceased in 1991. The 1.8 L and 2.0 L versions were replaced by the SR series as the primary Nissan four-cylinder engine, while the smaller 1.6 L was replaced by the GA. Engines for the low volume European market 200SX were supplied from a stockpile.

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1989 Nissan Sunny 1.8

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Výkon motoru 95 kW (129 PS) při 6400 ot./min. Točivý moment: 162 Nm (119 ft/lb) při 5000 ot./min. Palivo benzín. 5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 1 800 ccm (110 cui), 4-válec, Řadový, 12-ventil, CA18DE (96kW).

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1990 Nissan Sunny 1.8

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Palivo benzín. 5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 4-válec, Řadový, 16-ventil, CA18DE (96kW).

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1989 Nissan Bluebird 1.8

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Palivo benzín. 5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 1 805 ccm (110 cui), 4-válec, Řadový, 16-ventil, CA18DE (96kW).

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1999 Nissan Primera P11 1.8

5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor Řadový, CA18DE (96kW).

1989 Nissan Sunny N13 1.8

Palivo benzín. 5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 4-válec, Řadový, 16-ventil, CA18DE (96kW).